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My Favourite Children’s Clothing Brands

As a lover of quality Children’s clothing, I’d like to appreciate some of my favourite childrens clothing brands and hear your views on brands you love, like or dislike and why – They haven’t got to be stocked by Trotters, but they can be if you like.


From my own experiences of dressing my own kids and buying for friends children, I’ve come across lots of great quality brands and also some shockers which I wouldn’t buy again.


Boys Rugby Top Reductions

Well you can definitely tell Christmas is coming, we’re obviously feeling a bit generous with our pricing as more reductions have been made on our great children’s clothing. thomas brown boys rugby shirt

More Great Reductions from Trotters

As you know, we’re not big on price slashing; we don’t really need to be as the quality of our children’s clothing sells its self. However, Christmas is fast approaching as we’re feeling a bit generous as we get into the Xmas spirit.

Boys Classic Winter Clothing 2010

I wrote a post a little while ago about this season’s girls classic clothing and some of my favourite outfits for this season. So it’s only fair to do a piece on boys classic clothing this season for those of you with boys.


So what’s on offer in boys classic clothing this season (autumn / winter 2010)? Both jeans and cords are popular this season, Colours this season include navy and dark blues, blacks, browns and greys.

A Big Thank You to Ben

Regular customer, Ben, was in with his mummy, browsing our children’s clothing again last week. As we know he’s got a wardrobe full of Trotters clothing from years of regular shopping with us, we asked him if he’d like to send us some pictures for our blog.


childrens clothingEver excitable, Ben was very enthusiastic about the prospect…

The Best Fabric For Kids Clothing

Children’s skin is usually very delicate and can get affected by allergies easily; therefore, clothing for kids should be selected very carefully. In addition to that, kids like to play and the nature of children’s activities means that their clothes should be durable and suitable for lively little lives, as well as being easily machine washable as they will likely need to be cleaned frequently! So this is no mean feat, choosing fabrics that are long lasting and durable, and suitable for delicate children’s skin.