Hello blog readers! Nice to be back. The reason I haven’t blogged for ages is because I had a big operation on my jaws and nose, which was fairly major, so I’ve had time off work and lots of days in bed. On the day of the op, I had to get to the hospital at 7am and wait to be seen to. Of course, I was last on the list and didn’t go in until 5:30 and obviously I was nil by mouth all day so it wasn’t great. However, despite this, that day was really quite nice. I sat on my own, no disturbances, reading a book (note to mothers, one of those papery things with stories in you may have looked at many years ago). I also realised I was looked forward to the general anesthetic so I could have a good sleep, without disruption. 4 hour operation – lovely!!

Thankfully all went well but post-op life is quite difficult at the moment. For instance, I can only eat mush. This does of course mean that I don’t have to cook for Lauren separately anymore and she is highly delighted to be eating the same as mummy.

Anyway, although still in recovery, there was absolutely no way I was going to miss Trotters’s 21st birthday party and I knew Lauren would want to go. She fell in love with Dunwoody at the Chiswick book festival, so she had to help celebrate his birthday.

It was the best day ever. I was only planning on staying for an hour or so but Lauren had to do everything and we were there for ages.

The petting zoo was a massive hit. Here’s Lauren stroking the fluffysome rabbits.

The best thing she did all day though, was meet her favourite auther Rod Campbell, wo was there reading Dear Zoo. After the reading, we went to meet him and he very kindly read the book to Lauren on her own. Such an honour! And she got her copy signed.

Here we all are with Rod.

She also got her first taste of icecream. I was going down the whole no sugar route but ever since I announced she’d be getting a beetroot and courgette cake for her first birthday, I’ve been instructed by everybody that I am cruel and despicable so now I’ve just given in. This weekend she even had a scone with jam and cream on it. In for a penny, in for a pound!