I can’t believe we haven’t introduced Kipu…possibly the most important member of our trekking team! You may have read about him on previous Trotters blogs when Trotters first partnered up with The CAIRN Trust, but for those of you who haven’t, he’s a special limited edition elephant called Kipu, which means “happiness” in Nepali. It is through the sales of Kipus that Trotters were able to raise the money to build the school that we are on our way to open this coming Friday.

I placed an order for this Kipu before it was even on sale, and he’s lucky enough to be returning to his homeland with us this weekend. As you can see from the mess around him, we’ve been busy packing (the most important item to pack being the jelly babies of course…his favourite)


The sale of each Kipu raised enough money to educate a child for just over a month. Watch out for Kipu’s brother, Mahi, who will be on sale in all Trotters shops shortly!

Next blog entry will be from Nepal…….

Until then, tata x