We recently had a lovely letter from a long term customer, Lynn El-Noir from London.


We were so happy to receive this fantastic letter and hope it reflects the views and opinions of most of our customers.


“I have being shopping at Trotters since it opened. First shopping for my 2 sons who are now 26 and 21 and also my daughter who is 14. Trotters was her favourite shop because she used to just walk around and pick her own things, from clothes to toys to hair accessories, she was never happy in any other shop and always wanted to go to Trotters. Even at this age she can’t walk past your shop without looking inside, and telling me she’s going to buy her baby things from here when she grows up and has a baby. I am now buying for friends grandchildren as I don’t have any of my own yet. The things I buy get sent up to the North East as that’s where my friends are. So they get really excited about having something different. There’s a whole generation in the North who has worn a dress with the ducks on. Lol. I recently bought one of the beautiful baby blankets in blue which the new mum was very happy with. Hope to carry on shopping at Trotters in the future. Thanks for bringing some really lovely things into your shop and making shopping with young children easy”


We’d like to say a special thank you to Lynn for taking the time and effort to write to us. It also fills us with confidence that our new online presence will be very worthwhile as we know from Lynn and countless other customers that our classic childrenswear makes it not only all across the UK, but all across the globe!


Since we’ve started selling online, we’ve had visitors to the site from the US, France, Italy, Germany and Ireland to name a few so we’re absolutely thrilled about the wide reach we’re now getting.