I wrote a post a little while ago about this season’s girls classic clothing and some of my favourite outfits for this season.  So it’s only fair to do a piece on boys classic clothing this season for those of you with boys.


So what’s on offer in boys classic clothing this season (autumn / winter 2010)? Both jeans and cords are popular this season, Colours this season include navy and dark blues, blacks, browns and greys.


On the top, the classic jumper over shirt combination is always popular and to add a little autumn / winter 2010 style to that all time boys classic favourite, we’ve got the classic yet fashionable checked shirt making a big appearance this season.


I’ve put together a couple of lovely boys outfits below so you can see this year’s classics.


boys classic clothing outfitboys classic clothing winter 2010


These are two of my personal favourites and will have your boys looking absolutely adorable, very smart and trendy too!


Checked shirts are extremely popular this season in classic boys clothing, however, we’re also seeing a lot of rugby shirts this season. The rugby shirts are great as they go well with the same outfit as an alternative to the shirt, making it easy to mix and match your boys wardrobe and make new outfits with the addition of just one item.


boys rugby shirt