baby girl duck dress


It’s been a week for dealing with snow. Pushing a pram through 9cm (measured it!) is not easy and I was too worried about falling over to sling-it. I did manage to make it to my local Trotters in Turnham Green to pick up some winter essentials. There is a fantastic selection of hats and gloves.


I also wanted to buy classic red gingham duck dress. Since I started at Trotters, I have always imagined that if I had a little girl, she would wear our classic red gingham duck dress with some ribbed tights underneath for Christmas day and this year I’ll get my wish! In truth, she’s not really big enough for the smallest size yet, but she’s going to wear it anyway. I’ll just have to feed her more between now and then to make sure she looks perfect! Of course, in reality, she’ll probably throw her breakfast up all over it and she’ll be back in a boring old sleep suit before we even start opening presents. (Do babies have a sixth sense about when they’re wearing something really beautiful?!!)


Christmas is going to be a lot more special this year. In fact, suddenly I have realised what a lovely time it is for families, having only ever associated it with working really hard in the shops!