Father’s Day Fun!

Personalised photo frame


You will need:
– Scissors/craft knife
– Glue
– Cardboard, (pick Daddy’s favourite colour!)
– Some great photos of you


Using a pencil and a ruler, write “DAD” like in the picture above (or DADDY if you want to use lots of photos!) Make sure the letters are big enough to insert the photos. Using scissors, cut along the outline of your letters.

Carefully using a craft knife, cut out the centre of the letters to make space for your photos (get a grown up to help you here!)

Once the frame is created, simply stick your pictures on the back (look at the photo below).


To make the frame stand up, stick 2 papers clips on the bottom and pull the . Pull down the inside of the paper clip to create a base.

Your frame is now ready and Daddy can take it to the office with him!