I am not sure whether I am incompetent or these sorts of things happen to everyone. Last week I mentioned we went to Centre Parcs. On the last day you can check out but stay in the village and use the facilities, so of course we went swimming for the last time. Lovely so far.

Came out of swimming into the family changing room and realised we didn’t have a clean nappy for her. I say we, I mean we were both there. The fact that I packed the changing bag is neither here nor there. He could have checked the contents before we left, or could have offered to pack it himself to make sure this sort of thing couldn’t happen. So anyway, there we were with a naked baby who we needed to quickly get dressed so we could get our train. Our suitcase with the clean nappies inside it was not nearby.

No problem, I had otherwise packed quite diligently and had put in two swim nappies. Fine we thought. It’s a bit bulky but it’ll do for now.

All you sensible mothers are probably reading this and seeing exactly where it’s going because you will have realised that if swim nappies were absorbent, they obviously would inflate themselves in the pool and be no use whatsoever. You will know therefore that they are not really suitable for use anywhere other than in water.

I know this now because as we were sitting happily on the train home, me bouncing Lauren on my knee, I felt my jeans getting all warm and wet as the swim nappy failed to live up to my expectations. I am grateful for small mercies though; the nappy was only tested with liquid.

So, ok, not to worry, we’ll get her some clean clothes and a new nappy out of the case and we’ll be sorted. Except her baby porridge box has spilt about half its contents all over everything, so as I open the suitcase lid there’s this sort of snowstorm effect as oat, quinoa and millet bits fly around the carriage.

So all in all, not great. I hate *HATE* unpacking anyway but when we got home and I had to deal with that suitcase it was a whole new level of awfulness . Every single thing had to be shaken out of the window and then hovered before it could be put away. Things like shampoo bottles which may have been slightly wet had stuck on porridge bits all over them, so they had to be rinsed. They in turn put congealed blobs onto otherwise clean clothes, so they all then had to go in the laundry. Grr, grr and triple grrr.

The learning curve of parenting just doesn’t seem to be leveling out for me!

Here’s Lauren with her Daddy on described train journey looking all sweet and dry…