Alison & babyI have worked at Trotters for over four years as a manager and am currently on maternity leave, having given birth to my fist baby, a little girl called Lauren, two months ago.


Working at Trotters is surely a dream for a mummy, although it does come with some issues…..when I was pregnant I had to really restrain myself not to buy the whole shop. Fortunately for my bank balance, I made the decision not to find out the sex of baby to be, so I had to stick to accessories and books only, many of which I consider essential. No child should have to grow up without a copy of the Hungry Caterpillar or a merry berry hat!


baby in berry hatThe most successful item I bought for her early days was a soft cot book with black and white pictures. Babies love bold patterns with strong colour contrasts and Lauren will spend hours gazing at it. You can put it round the cot, or it can go in the pram as useful entertainment while you go out for coffee with your NCT friends! I found Lauren far preferred this to any of the dangling toys , which when she was very little, just annoyed her!