I always love getting to bath time at the end of the day, as it’s a really nice chance to relax and enjoy time with Lauren. After the bath, she has her last feed and I often catch up with something on BBC iPlayer. This week, it’s been the Gypsy wedding programme. What I really can’t understand about their way of life is where they keep all their stuff? The caravans are spotless and minimalist, despite only having a small amount of room and needing storage for lots of big dresses! My standard Victorian terrace is by contrast full of stuff. My cupboards and drawers either don’t close properly, or, their contents eject all over the floor if you do attempt to open one. And it was like that pre-baby! Now, we have a crib, a cot, a car seat, clothes…….and that’s just the things beginning with ‘c’! The more I think about it, the more I panic. What happens later when Lauren wants a bike, and some roller skates, or (help) she has a brother or sister who also wants a bike and some roller skates? I don’t have room for these things! Where do people keep bikes? I just don’t understand.

So, like all good random panics, this one was followed up with a few hours of manic action, throwing things away and filling up bin bags to go to the Cancer Research shop. Bye-bye chocolate fondue maker. Bye-bye 86,000 pieces of unmatched Tupperware. Bye-bye festival t-shirts from the 1990s. Hello space!! And it feels so good. So now Lauren is not allowed ANY toys. Except the ones she really needs, or the really cute ones, or the really useful ones! Here she is with one such toy; the Manhattan Winkel (available in all good Trotters stores – i.e. all of them!) It is a fantastically tactile ‘teether’ which can be cooled in the fridge to help ease gum pain. Lauren is going through the chewing-everything-in-sight stage, so this makes a nice change from her feet/fingers/table!

Next up – the boardgames and CD cupboard. Wish me luck!