I can’t believe how quickly Lauren’s changing.  It’s such a cliché but they do grow up so fast.  All those early months spent wishing she would get bigger and now I just want her to stay at this age because she’s just so adorable and cuddlesome!


She’s been up to all sorts this week. We had a trip to the beach, which went down very well although her sandcastles were utterly rubbish.  We also went swimming for the first time which was brilliant. I think from chatting with other mums it’s quite a rite of passage and something I’ve been thinking of doing for a while but was a bit scared to.  All I could think about was what a ‘faff’ it would be getting her changed and me changed and not falling over on slippery surfaces, and how do you hold a baby and all your stuff and open a locker?  Anyway, I resolved all these issues by going with my mum and having done it, I still have no answers to the previous questions and will not be attempting it on my own any time soon.  She loved it and was merrily splashing around for ages, looking very sweet in her Trotters’ Liberty swim nappy.  These really are beautiful and you could say they’re a bit unnecessary but your baby will be the belle of the pool if she has one!


Swimming led to my first encounter with ‘sign of the times’ health and safety issues and children.  To take photos, I had to fill in a form with my details and state for what purpose I was taking photos.  I would have thought it was pretty obvious why I was taking photos and why any parent would be, so the question seems a little pointless.  Of course, there are reasons to be cautious but there seemed to be a slight lack of common sense prevailing, in that in the baby pool there was precisely zero other babies and in fact, there wasn’t another child in the entire complex.  No doubt this highly useful form will be filed somewhere under ‘waste of time and money’.  Perhaps the government could look at cutting silly things like this rather than important things like Sure Start funding.


 lauren swimmingThe Sure Start centres are excellent and as if she hadn’t had enough entertainment for one week, as the photo shows, she and Cleo went along to one to have a go at Bollywood dancing.  As you can see, they took to it like (Bombay) ducks to water and looked so cute with their little bindis on.  The class was great for the babies who loved the music and the fabrics and the instruments. The best thing was, the mums got to have a go too and we screwed those light bulbs in with style!!!