Babies and the ability to talk about all things baby for hours on end is the main thing that unites women in NCT groups. So, when you are accused of being a ‘highchair geek’ by members of that group, you realise you might have gone a bit too far in your research for buying one of said items.

I was sounding them out for advice because I was so confused about which one of many, many highchairs on the market to buy. It is a real shame we don’t stock them at Trotters so I’d have some idea but alas, I had to venture elsewhere to get one and, like when you look at prams, or cots, or car seats, it is just so overwhelming. In my opinion, choice isn’t necessarily a good thing. Too much means you are likely to feel uncertain about your purchase; always thinking there might have been a slightly better option and being confused over the features and benefits of each one. So you go through all the websites and look in the shops and when you’ve finally made your decision, a random negative review pops up from somewhere and you have to start all over again. Ridiculous! The opinion of one person you’ve never met should not really affect what you think, yet it really can. Next there’s the whole ‘find the cheapest stockist’ worry. Is there a voucher code somewhere? Surely there is. If I can’t find it, must be somehow inadequate. AArgh!!! A new disease for the 21st century – High Chair Angst (Latin name ‘Silly mummyitis’)- the stress caused by wanting to get the best thing for your baby, but being bombarded with too much information.

Anyway, after all that, I miraculously chose one, which has arrived and it’s been a great success (phew!). This week as the weather’s not been fantastic, we’ve been in the house quite a lot and at last I have a place for her to sit happily. She doesn’t do bouncy chair anymore (doesn’t want to lean back that far) and she isn’t mad on the Bumbo (too low on the ground can’t see enough stuff happening) so it’s been great. Here she is enjoying a JellyCat festival during which, it is crucial she samples all JellyCats by stuffing them in her mouth and chewing them. The festival continues with a gravity testing session. It’s great fun for all the family!