She actually, finally did it – she slept through the night for the first time ever! Unparalleled joy! My deepest gratitude to the universe. However, like probably every other mother in the history of time, I didn’t manage to share the ‘sleep through’ experience because I am totally programmed to wake up. So at 4am, I did the classic waking up in a panic (because I hadn’t been woken up) and running down to the nursery to check she’s still breathing routine. I jumped out of bed so fast I nearly fainted but managed to get woozily back up to bed once I’d satisfied myself with hearing a few snorty noises from her.

Next night? No. She woke up. Next night? Yes, she slept through. Double wow – now I know for sure it wasn’t just a fluke and she can definitely do it. Hooray. Sleep for me starts now. Next night? No. Woke up, twice. Grrr. Other than obsessing about sleep, this week I’ve been doing some more SureStart classes. (Sadly my local centre is one of those being closed for the cuts – don’t do it, you government!) The new class was baby signing, where you teach baby hand signs for things like milk, sleep and food. This means that before they learn to talk, they can still communicate, so they are a lot happier. It’s a good idea and we enjoyed the class. I was slightly surprised to be learning signs for sweet treats such as ice cream and biscuits. I’m not sure our teacher had properly assessed Chiswick. Far more useful would have been signs for purple sprouting broccoli, organic alfalfa shoot and babycinos! Also, I’d imagine also most babies get pretty frustrated if they’re not taken to Trotters at least once a week, so perhaps we should invent a sign for that. Must mention to her next week….