Motherhood definitely seems to be all about lurching from one obsession to the next. Current fad is weaning and there are so many aspects of it to think about. What kit do you need? What’s better, baby-led weaning, or the more usual puree route? Should you start with fruit purees, or is that asking for trouble? Better give them veg so they don’t grow up with a sweet tooth. Beware, a poor parental choice of pear instead of butternut squash is clearly going to lead to a life of obesity.

Then there’s the very long list of prohibited foods. Honey, (honey?!) eggs (used to be given to babies all the time back in the days when everything was far less dangerous), shellfish, well that one’s fair enough but I can’t imagine many people starting with oysters, etc, etc etc. It’s a minefield. And make sure EVERYTHING is sterilised. OK, Spoon sterilised, bowl sterilised, newspaper she ate earlier not sterilised and as for the daffodil I found her eating…

After success with an avocado (see picture!) I dutifully boiled and mashed some appropriate fruit and veggies and froze them in ambitiously large portions and now every day, Lauren’s trying something new. Sweet potato went down well, as did carrot. Swede for breakfast wasn’t a great hit but with a bit of banana mixed in we got some down. And when I say some, I mean some. I think the ratio of food swallowed to food on bib/face/table is about 1:30.


New challenges for weaning:

1) Try to feel less stressed out about mess created by food. It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

2) Dress Lauren to suit menu – e.g.she should wear green on avocado days and more patterns generally, to camouflage rainbow stains.

Oh well, sounds like a good excuse for Lauren’s Daddy as to why I need to buy the entire range of baby Liberty fabric items!!!

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