Great excitement! Our first family holiday. Gone are the days of ‘swanning’ off somewhere exotic on an amazing last minute deal. Now it’s all about that thing other people do – ‘staycations’. Why, oh why would you holiday in the UK when you can fly off to somewhere hot, beautiful and interesting, for less money?! I’ve never understood it, until now.

Reasons to stay in the UK:
We left our house at 3pm, we arrived at our holiday cottage at 5pm.
There was no change in time zone (although, actually, whoever invented the whole changing the clocks fiasco obviously didn’t have a baby. Talk about messing up a routine. Thanks for nothing British Summer Time.)

There are no big, scary insects in the Cotswolds.

You can get a proper cup of tea – (to go with your delicious cream tea and should you choose to have quite a few of these, then that’s your prerogative.)

We went to a fantastic place called Bruern Cottages. It’s a baby and child friendly set of cottages with great facilities. They provide you with a cot and a highchair and a monitor etc, so you don’t have to cart your entire baby kit with you, plus there’s loads of toys and books and nice play areas for them. They even give you swim nappies for the pool. Our cottage also had a really big, lovely garden full of flowers, so Lauren really went to town tasting them all. (I shall soon be patenting my ‘flower weaning method’) She also very much enjoyed relaxing on her sun lounger, hanging out in her little house (see photo) and watching CBeebies in the games room while Mummy thrashed Daddy at table tennis (at least that’s how I remember it).

Everyone always says the problem with holidays here is the weather could be terrible but we had great sunshine and for anyone away this week, the weather’s been fabulous. I am certainly not complaining but help! I realised I really don’t have anywhere near enough summer clothes for Lauren. Suddenly, trips outside involve suncream, sunhats and sunglasses rather than snow suits, woollen hats and gloves. It seems I’m not the only one who’s been caught out – Trotters is so busy at the moment and our summer clothes are flying out. I picked up an Angelina dress for Lauren today which is so pretty. Summer shopping for your child definitely has a huge feel good factor and is totally guilt free. Besides, a girl’s got to look her best for her first holiday!