Alison and Lauren buy some Original Little Sprout shampoo.

Last year, New Year’s Eve was spent partying the night away well into the wee hours. This year, I realised things have really changed, when, not being able to go out, I fell asleep on the sofa and had to be woken to see the new year in. And not even a drink to cheer me up. Some say breast is best but they’ve clearly never been sober for New Year. Still, on the plus side it was the first New Year’s day for quite some time spent without a hangover!!

So this week Lauren has developed a bit of cradle cap, which is very common and really does look horrible. Fortunately I have been into Trotters and picked up some hair and body wash from our Original Little Sprout range.

It’s an oil based shampoo and it really helps eliminate the cradle cap. Also, it, like the rest of the range is organic and contains none of the horrible chemicals you get in so many products, so you can use it with confidence on children any age.

It does seem quite pricey at £15.99 but it really is salon strength and it lasts ages. I always think you just have to be so careful with your child’s skin, that getting the best products is important.

For those of you with older children going back to school, the range also contains the essential oils to help repel headlice, which often seem to strike this time of year.

Currently, the Original Little Sprout Range is only available from our 5 stores. (Click >here< for details) so if you need any advice on hair products, do pop in and speak to one of our hairdressers. They’re all lovely and will be happy guide you and I’m sure the children will be happy to come in and say hello to the fish!