The news seems to have been full of reports and studies about parenting lately. This morning I heard on the radio that (shock, horror) couples with a child argue more than before the child was born. NO WAY! Wow, that is some insightful research right there. I hope whoever commissioned the report is pleased with that very surprising information.

Secondly, a study has led to parents being advised that as soon as their child can walk, they should be moving around for at least 3 hours per day. How can they not? You’d have to superglue them to the ground wouldn’t you? I suppose if they get into the habit of watching television they might sit still all day. Poor Lauren comes from a deprived home which doesn’t have a television, so that won’t be her problem. However, we went away this weekend and she was allowed to watch it.

Look at my little square eyed couch potato. Chuggington seemed to go down especially well.

I will have to think at some point whether we should get a television. I know screen time is a big issue for parents, many of whom want to limit it but also, there are surely times when every mother is happy to let the TV babysit while they have a rest. And why not? I was pretty impressed with the programs on CBeebies. They are really well done and no one wants their child to be the weird kid in class who doesn’t get references to programmes. Plus, we all remember loving programs from our youth. I have yet to meet anyone my age who didn’t love Mysterious Cities of Gold. Classic!

Anyway, with government advice in mind (I don’t know what I’d do if they didn’t keep issuing guidelines for everything) I rushed Lauren out to exercise. We went to the slide and oh my goodness, did she love it.

Here she is at the top with her Granny...

then going down - OK she looks a bit scared but she must be an adrenaline junkie because she then just wanted to climb up again...

She went down about 20 times! We may just have avoided childhood obesity for the time being.