Hmmm, we’re at the crawling stage. We thought she’d be one of those children who never crawl (yes, partly because her friends were crawling and she wasn’t) but she proved us wrong and now delightedly follows me around like an excited puppy looking in all the places she couldn’t get to before, whilst beaming and squealing. Ahh, very cute. For about 5 minutes!

All those parents who warn you “It’s much harder when they learn to crawl” and you think, yeah yeah, you’ve just forgotten how annoying it is when they lie there and you have to constantly pick them up. No, they were right.

I can no longer sit her down with a toy on my bedroom floor while I shower in the morning. No, I sit her down and go towards the shower and I just hear this manic laughter and padding noise as she crawls after me. What are you meant to do?!

One solution is of course a cage, or as they’re more acceptably referred to a ‘play pen’. Our version is painted white to make it look slightly less like a jail. But they’re very big and heavy and the one I have is in the kitchen down two lots of stairs. Not going to work in the morning. It’s also taking up literally half my kitchen. The only upside is there’s less floor to sweep.

I am also going to have to put some thought into childproofing. For some reason I have been really dreading this. It feels like a huge task and I just wish someone would knock on the door and offer to childproof the house in the same way the window cleaner comes round. There’s a business idea for someone. I expect like all things, once you put your mind to it it’s not that difficult and seeing in the last week we’ve already had about 10 injuries I think I’d better focus.

This week was also very exciting because it was the photo shoot for the new season at Trotters and I have to say, the new collection really is stunning. Lauren and I went along to the shoot and we had a totally brilliant time. The room was totally full of gorgeous children (33 models!) running around in Trotters clothes, getting their hair done, being entertained by pirates and Snow White, battling with sword balloons and squashing Babybells into the sofas. You could hear it from about half a mile down the road! Lauren was a good girl and thankfully smiled nicely for all her photos. Seeing her in the clothes just makes me want them all for her and the shoes oh my goodness, soooooo cute.