Lauren is now 3 months old. Hurrah! The fabled age from which everything gets easier has arrived. I’ve been looking forward to this since she was born. The only problem is far from settling down, she’s woken up 3 times a night for the past three nights. Great! So I caved in and brought her into bed with me, where of course she sleeps peacefully. Oh dear. What would Gina Ford have to say?! (Should you wish to find out, we do sell her books in store, although they’re a bit strict for my taste; she tells you to get up at 6:45 am every day. No thanks!)

I took Lauren into Trotters at Turnham Green to have a look at the new stock which has started to arrive. As you can see from the photo, we looked at the swimwear and Hampton Classics (a fantastic range of canvas shoes). She was pretty impressed! However, she won’t be wearing any of it as I am NEVER taking her on holiday. Honestly, I need a suitcase for a trip to the High Street with her. I’d need to charter my own plane to go abroad. Some of you may be braver than I am and risking some winter sun with your little ones. If so, do check out our holiday items. We really do have everything you need and our swimwear prints are the best around.