August is over and so is holiday season. I haven’t written a blog for a while. Anyone missed me? (Mum, you don’t count).

So quick update: Lauren is now nearly 11 months old and is still backward in the tooth department (only one to date). She can walk with her baby walker and clap her hands. Her favourite things are pigeons, doggies and mirrors. Her least favourite things are going to sleep at a reasonable hour and sleeping all night. These activities are deeply unpopular.

Now that I am working 4 days a week, it is lovely that she stays up a bit later so I have time with her each day, however, by 8:30 when I’m still standing over her cot singing Eidelweiss for the four thousandth time and feeling woozy with hunger, with no prospect of actually eating dinner for another hour, I would be prepared to see her a bit less. Particularly when her recent trick is then waking up again around 11:30pm (or just when I’ve got into bed) and wanting to play for an hour or so. She has ended up in my bed more times than I care to mention after an hour or two hours of battling with her. (Although I do agree with people who say co-sleeping is dangerous. When she wakes up first and bashes me around the face to get my attention it is really painful).

Another developmental stage we’ve reached is the pointing phase. It’s great – if she wants something she points so we can get it and if she wants you to look at something, she points and if she wants to know what something’s called, she points. That’s quite a lot of very urgent pointing. It’s a light Lauren, yes, a light. Yes, it’s still a light. LIGHT.

Her light obsession has developed even further as she now understands the switch. So she points at the light, then at the switch . This means she wants a go on the switch. Very funny to see her turn it on and off. The second time it’s reasonably cute, the third time is getting dull and beyond that it’s simply irritating. (Question – if children had a standby button, how long would you put them on standby during the day? And if you think that’s mean and that you wouldn’t then I can only assume you’re not a parent).

She points a lot at birds too. This is a difficult one for me. Do I simply say ‘bird’ every time – slightly patronising surely. She’s going to be an intelligent child, deeply affected by the beauty of the natural world. Merely generalising in such a way is limiting her potential. So, now the game takes quite a lot longer. Blue tit, female, juvenile, undulating flight pattern. That sort of thing.

Also in my thinking at the moment is the fact her first birthday is looming fast. BIRTHDAY PARTY ANGST!!!! This definitely does not bode well for future years when what we do will have some impact on her. What shall I do? A small affair with just the neighbours and a little cake (sugar free obviously) or invite all her little baby friends plus parents round for a proper party with balloons and hats and music, the lot. Except my house is too little to have many people round at once and hiring a venue for a first birthday just seems over the top. So, there are my issues. More on this to follow no doubt.

For a photo this week, here’s Lauren participating is some size testing for our 2012 Autumn Winter range. This rugby shirt actually looked lovely on her and I think they’re a great look for little girls if you add a bow in their hair too!