The blog is back!


Baby number two is arriving imminently. Exciting!!! I have my feet up on maternity leave and have time on my hands (oh no, sorry that was last time, when I didn’t have a toddler).

My friend, who is a few weeks away from having her first baby, was telling me excitedly about all the box sets she got for Christmas for watching while she’s on her leave. Oh, blissful peace and quiet. Yes, relax and prepare your body for the coming labour and sleepless night. All very nice. How perfect. Grrr.

Why do so many of us decide it’s a good idea to have another child when you have a two year old to deal with? Lauren is the terrible twos personified. She is no longer a little angel, desperate to please her mummy. No, she is a big pest. Everything has to be done her way and under her orders. Everything must be done by her favourite slave, Mummy. So, if Daddy pushes the
buggy, it’s ‘NO. MUMMY PUSH!’ If Daddy gets her out of her chair, she gets back into it, even though climbing up may take several attempts, so that slave #1 can redo the job.

Also, there is no point asking her to do anything other than the opposite of what you might want. For example
‘Lauren, say Happy Birthday to Grandpa’,
‘NO! Happy Christmas’.
‘Lauren, say Happy New Year to Cleo, your best friend.
‘No! Happy New Year TABLE’.

Potty training has also been interesting. I decided it would be a good idea to get it done before the new baby arrives. However, as usual I don’t offer advice given by the experts and be consistent with it (sorry, I don’t understand this thing about stay in for a week with them – what? Are you trying to make me go insane? A week? I don’t think so) So we kind of tried it but quite ad hoc. We’re now at the point where she will go in her potty most of the time at home but when we’re out, she’s in a nappy because travel potties and my idea of an acceptable outing do not go together. We still have the odd accident at home too. Particularly absorbing story books seem to be a problem and my cushion covers are certainly suffering. Currently, I am not too bothered – it’s not a big deal but I can see that with a new baby to contend with, and Lauren vying for attention, it might be more irritating.

Still, it’s not all doom and gloom. It is also incredible watching Lauren and her friends learn so quickly and see how their attention and concentration spans are increasing almost daily.

It’s lovely having proper conversations and teaching her loads of songs and facts. At Christmas, we did a lot of the schmaltzy stuff you tend to dream about as a new parent like watching your favourite Christmas films together and reading ‘T’was the Night Before Christmas’ and putting out a carrot for Rudolph. All very heart warming.

Anyway, I am three days over my due date now, so won’t be long until I experience the ‘joy’ of two children to look after. Stay at home mums, I have SO much respect for you. I am already desperate to get back to work and I’ve only been off for a couple of weeks.

So next time I write, I will be sleep deprived, up to my eyeballs in weird, beigy nappies, have at least three muslins to every square meter in the house and little splats of milk in my hair that I haven’t washed for 5 days. If it’s not my best effort, I hope you’ll forgive me!