He arrived! 9 days overdue and weighing in at 8lb 8ozs, little Hamish was delivered in a birthing pool, with a nice, short labour. (Obviously, in that sentence ‘nice’ is very much describing ‘short’ rather than ‘labour’.)

I went to the hospital’s ‘Birthing Centre’ where the whole experience is much less medicalised than in the traditional birthing suites and more home from home. For me, it was fantastic and much less stressful. Afterwards, eating toast with marmalade and custard creams on some big beanbags with baby’s Daddy, I couldn’t have been more relaxed. There’s even a CD player in case you want your own whale music. I didn’t . Honestly!!

The first few days with our new addition have been remarkably OK.

  1. Lauren has taken to big sisterhood very well. She has helped bath him, clean his belly button, dress him and pushed his pram. She strokes his head and tells him she loves him. Occasionally she points at him and says
    “Put that down so I can sit there.”
  2. Hamish is one of those babies I’ve seen around/heard about who actually sleep sometimes. This is in direct contrast to Lauren, who was the incredible non-sleeping baby. I contacted the Guinness World Book of Records about her but they didn’t believe me.
  3. Thankfully, we’ve been able to maintain our middle class London parent lifestyle and attended lunch at Giraffe with friends when Hamish was only 3 days old. NB, Lauren has recently developed a taste for sparkly water, olives and balsamic vinegar and a couple of weeks ago, when told to get her shoes on for a walk, was heard to exclaim, “but I don’t want to go for brunch today.”

Obviously, however sleep deprived one is, there are certain standards which simply have to be maintained, such as freshly baked croissants with Manuka honey in bed for breakfast en famille………………..