Hamish is a month old and so far, it’s been pretty plain sailing. That’s because I haven’t really been living in reality yet. First I had paternity leave help, then nanny cover and now I am on holiday at my parent’s house by the sea and getting loads of help. They cook while I feed, they entertain one while I bath the other. It’s amazing.
I have still not spent a whole day on my own with them both and I definitely feel like I am cheating, although that could be the sleep deprivation addling my brain. Let’s face it, however much help you get during the day, there are sill the long, lonely, wake every two hours nights to get through, again and again and again, with no end in sight…….
Still, back to holidays. Lauren’s enjoying hers a bit too much. She has been, against my will, introduced to cereal variety packs (including the pernicious Cocopops) been bought various high sugar treats such as candy icecream and gingerbreadmen and been allowed to watch CBeebies every night while she eats her tea. It really isn’t ideal for a child living in a home without a television and whose diet consists almost exclusively of vegetables, lentils, beans and soup. A ‘treat’ in her usual universe might be a Ryvita with a wafer thin spreading of marmalade.
The onslaught of killer sugar/normality, depending on your viewpoint, is on all sides. Last week with her nanny she made blueberry icecream and pancakes. I am not really complaining seeing as she made some for us too and obviously it’s totally fine for us to eat them. She did also, to balance out the culinary education, make fresh pasta, which she greatly enjoyed both in the rolling and the eating. It went down so well in fact that a few days later, when given her usual standard Hello Kitty pasta, she made a fuss and demanded ‘real tagliatelle’. We are creating a monster.
It may or may not be linked to her holiday diet but she’s also had a bit of a vomiting bug, so I have been trying to put her off touching her little brother to try and stop him getting it too. This hasn’t gone down very well because she likes to stroke him and say ‘Aahh, he is very cute isn’t he’ about 25 times a day. Stupidly, knowing quite how contrary she is, I told her to please avoid touching him because she is germy. Therefore, at every opportunity, she bear hugs him and says ‘I haven’t got germs so I am allowed to touch Hay-meee aren’t I?’
Hmm. So if the poor little man gets it, next week’s blog may well be far less upbeat. Still, I will be back at work next week and looking forward to seeing for real (rather than only online) all the lovely new arrivals in our collection. This week I am mainly wanting the Archie dungarees for Hamish. Yummy!