OK, I think Lauren has been potty training for about 3 months; I sort of thought she’d have got it by now.  She was virtually ready at Christmas, but then the inevitable festivitis came and we reverted to nappies while she recuperated. Then Hamish was born and it just wasn’t top of the agenda etc etc. Yes, I know. I know I should have been more consistent. It’s all my fault.

So we’re currently muddling through with knickers at home and pull-ups when we go out – though why these are any better than normal nappies, I have yet to work out. Every child can see immediately that it’s ok to go in them, so they do! She likes them more because they’re pink and I like them less because they’re more expensive.

So, last weekend I announced today was a ‘No Nappy Day’ and she did really well.  It’s not exactly relaxing though. Over an admittedly long pub lunch, I took her to the toilet literally 6 times and also, whilst walking home from lunch and being told she needed a wee, I stripped her down and held her precariously in the air, to be told, ‘NO.  POO COMING!’

While I am scrabbling around for her travel potty, she does it on the pavement, which could have gratefully swallowed me up. Oh God, please don’t let anyone I know see us.  So like a responsible toddler owner I bagged it and binned it.

So, it was hard but we made it through the day. However, this was a Saturday and therefore, we had Daddy to help. Potty training while you’re out and about on your own and you have a baby in a sling is significantly more difficult. I did try it several times and each time a similar result – we had two trouser changes in an hour while at a play cafe for example.

Perhaps I am taking the wrong approach? I offer her a reward chart. I tell her that if we have 7 dry days (seriously ambitious) then she can have a reward. She likes this idea. What reward would you like I ask.

‘Erm. I don’t know.’

‘Well think carefully’.

‘Erm.  A food present.’

‘OK’ I say. ‘What food would you like?’

‘Some vegetables, like beetroot and carrot’.

I promise she actually said this. My best little vegetarian girl!!!

However, much as I would have loved this, even I am not sure this is reward enough, so we decided in the end she could go to Trotters and choose a new book.  Top treat! I also said I’d buy her a Tangle Teaser brush because she used my friend’s one and really liked it. I wanted to get her one anyway because they are brilliant and genuinely work (and are available in Trotters or on our website).

So, we’ll see how we get on. Some bits of parenthood just aren’t as fun as others!