What a difference a week makes!  

At last, the weather has changed. Thank you Lauren’s Aigle wellies for being indestructible. You have been under daily assault for months on a child who doesn’t consider a puddle worth jumping in unless it can go over the top of the boots, and you have survived..

I am a bit too indulgent in Lauren’s puddle splashing habit but it definitely cheers passers-by up on a grey day. We get a lot of chuckles and positive remarks! Actually the scooter is just a talking point in general. Today, several people stopped to comment on how fast Lauren was scooting. One woman went in to panic mode and shouted ‘where’s your  mummy?’ a few times as Lauren almost flew past her down a long hill in the park. She clearly thought no accompanied child would be allowed to zoom at such speed. Well, I was about 30 meters behind her with absolutely no chance of catching up; she really was going heart-in-my-mouth fast.  Still, it looked like she was having the time of her life, so it can’t be that terrible to let her get on with it. Arguably.

Why are there so many controversial issues when it comes to child-rearing?……..

Hamish had to go in for his 3 months jabs.  I walk in to the nurse’s room.

‘Are you the mother?’ she barks.

‘Er, yes’. I reply. Why does she think there is a possibility I am not? Surely I look too tired to be anything but the mother.

‘Good.  I hate it when they send the nanny.’

‘Mmmm’ I murmur non-committally, thinking,’ God, I nearly sent the nanny.’

But really, it’s a little bit judgemental on her part.  After all, if you have a nanny, it’s because you’re at work and it seems a bit extreme to take time off for a procedure that takes under two minutes, particularly if, like in my case, the children adore their nanny anyway, so it’s a hardly a hardship to be ‘left’ with her.

Hamish was traumatised it’s true, but that’s because I woke him up from a nap.  Evil. Once the injection had taken place, he cried for 30 seconds and was back in his buggy and asleep in sub one minute.  So, perhaps rather than drafting some legislation to give mothers the right to parental leave in the case of baby jabs, we can keep a little perspective here!!

Anyway, luckily I passed that test and I did take Hamish to the doctors myself.  Really, it’s just another example of me being a pretty amazing mother in many ways. I am actually thinking of writing a few parenting books to help other parents, who may be struggling without the sort of intuitive style I am lucky enough to have been blessed with. Here are some of the titles I am working on…..

How to Potty Train in 6 Months

100 Dishes with Lentils and 100 Bribes to Make Them Eat.

Travel Light with Kids (and Never Have Anything You Need)

Manage you time better: Typing while Breastfeeding

How to Make Friends and Influence People: A Guide to Scooters and Your Buggy on the High Street

As you can see, the potential is huge. Look out Gina Ford. Routine Schmootine. Modern childcare is all about embracing the chaos.

Finally, I don’t like to crowbar in Trotters adverts too often but really, if you have a little girl and you don’t have a Tangle Teaser, all I can say is get one. They are honestly incredible. Lauren’s hair usually has a horrible little hedgerow section at the back that a comb simply doesn’t touch. The Tangle Teaser just goes straight through it and her hair looks like normal, nice hair. It’s astounding. This is a genuine before and after. I don’t think I have ever spent a better £12.99.