This week has been very exciting as I went back to work. It’s fantastic that my employers are flexible enough to allow me to work part time. Of course Trotters is very much a family business which was started when Sophie and Richard’s children were young and in need of beautiful clothing and a friendly place to get their hair cut. It was quite sad leaving Lauren on the first morning and I did wonder whether I was doing the right thing. I am very lucky that my mum is looking after her so at least I have no worries on that front. It sounds terrible, but it is actually lovely to get away for a few hours and have a change of scene. I realised how monotonous baby care can be, when going on the tube seemed exciting and reading the Metro was pure self indulgence – all that lovely time to myself!

It is a great time to return to work because all our spring/summer collection is arriving and suddenly the shops burst with bright colours and bold fabrics. As you can see I couldn’t wait to buy Lauren something and look how sweet her and her best friend Cleo look in their new T-shirts. Definitely setting the style standards in Chiswick!

So now the adrenaline rush of the first few days back is over, the next challenge is working out how to combine effective working with sleep deprivation and a baby who’s oblivious to it all. In fact, she seems to be on a mission to stop me leaving the house each morning by throwing up on my shoulder when I kiss her goodbye. Bless!