This week Hamish turned one. My baby’s a toddler (sob!)

Like everyone else born in late Dec/early Jan, he will spend his life having his birthday overshadowed by the post-Christmas comedown. It has started already. The idea of him having a first birthday party wasn’t rejected. No, it didn’t even get that far – no proposal was made at all.

Does this mean he had a less happy birthday?

Hamish 2

Well, we’ll never know for sure but Mummy was certainly happier without the stress of a cake to worry about, ( or all the other intricacies of a children’s party.

We had a lovely morning together at the Science museum which is just brilliant for children of all ages and then a tea party where two of his best buddies joined us to throw food on the floor.

Of course big boys need big boy shoes, so at the weekend Hamish was taken to Trotters  on the Kings Road to get his first shoes.

Hamish 3

The wee man has never been on a Trotters train before and oh my, did he like it! He couldn’t believe his luck that he had a moving steering wheel and what’s more, there was one for his big sister who always pushes him off anything remotely fun. Result.

Hamish 7

Our lovely Shoe Department Supervisor Polly measured his feet. I think he liked her!

Hamish 4

Then Lauren of course had to get involved and check Polly had got the measurements correct.

Hamish 5

Hamish 6

I was really pleased with the sweet little Garvalin boots we chose for Hamish and they seem to have aided his stability because the next day he took 5 steps (previous record was a generous one!)

All in all a great experience enjoyed by all of us.  We got a first shoe certificate for him and I am sure that in 15 years time when Hamish applies for a Saturday job at Trotters, it is a document he should bring in for extra brownie points!

Hamish cert

Check out Trotters’ selection of shoes here: