Second week back at work and I am loving it! I get such a buzz from working in the stores and getting that back into my life means I also enjoy my time with Lauren even more. Actually, it seems that I can approach both work and home time in a much more positive way because doing one reenergises me for the other. Talking of which, I have joined a postnatal exercise class run by Beez Kneez ( The instructor Vicky Warr has designed the classes really well to help new mums get their pre-baby figures back. We do lots of work on the abs and other toning exercises as well as cardio to burn those calories! Vicky makes us work really hard and after only 3 seesions, the workouts are already having a positive effect on my slouchy shoulders and sticky-out tummy plus I feel so positive after the class. It’s also fantastic you can take your baby with you. They all sit at the side in their car seats and look on in amusement! Last week, we were doing the aerobic part of the set and galloping up and down the hall with stretchy bands round our ankles and I looked over to Lauren who, rather than sitting nicely like all the other babies, was crying and clearly had a big leaky nappy – all down her trousers. AAArrrgghhhh! That girl has got a really good sense of comic timing. Anyway, the classes come highly recommended.

I believe exercise is really important in making you feel good about yourself and especially so when you have baby-body blues. Having said that, I read recently that post-baby tummy is one of the biggest new areas of neurosis for women and I do think that’s sad. Of course it’s good to care about your fitness and the way you look but we women are too hard on ourselves sometimes and it’s not possible to have a baby and stay looking exactly the same. We all look at the celebs who seem to get back into shape fast but they have personal trainers and silly diets and probably aren’t up 3 times in the night feeding their baby, so it’s not a fair comparison. I don’t blame the celebs though. We get lots in Trotters and sometimes they’re being followed by paps, who make their life very difficult, especially when they have their children with them. I suppose if you’re always being photographed and scrutinised, you may go to extreme lengths to look your best.

Anyway, celeb or not you can make your children look THEIR best by dressing them in Trotters! It is a total nightmare with all the spring clothing coming in because I literally want every piece for Lauren. Here she is modelling a really sweet gingham top and bloomers. I know it’s not quite the weather for them yet but just couldn’t resist…….