Wow, this week was very exciting because Lauren started her modelling career! We had the Trotters photo shoot for the new Spring/Summer collection, so there was a studio in West London full of beautifully dressed, angelic looking children running around and being entertained with balloon animals and story telling between shots. Some of the children, were, like Lauren, children of members of the Trotters’ team and others were children of our customers. They were all gorgeous and very well behaved but of course the old saying about never working with children or animals is popular for a reason! I think every mum there was feeling a bit on edge that their child wouldn’t ‘perform’ and would be the one to ruin the photos by scowling. I was worried, as ever, that the clothes would be sicked on but Lauren rose to the challenge and didn’t let herself down! She, like all the other children, were given some Trotters vouchers as a thank you and now she’s saying she won’t get out of bed for less than a couple of Trotters outfits – honestly, all that fame has really gone to her head.

I think the shoot was a great success and you can judge for yourselves as the shots will be going up on the website over the next few days. Do have a look.

This week’s photo is Lauren willing on her favourite team! I know it’s not a very Trotters look and claret and blue certainly aren’t going to be the colour of next season’s Liberty fabric but poor West Ham need all the support they can get and Lauren’s Daddy will be so proud!