So tired! Naughty baby woke up twice last night between 11pm and 7am and twice the night before, so I have decided to totally disregard any book that claims babies should ‘sleep through’by this stage. I think she’s secretly trying to tire me out and get me to stop going to work because she misses me so much!! Hmm. That’ll be why her little mouth turned down at the edges into a comedy, cartoonish sad face and she started crying as soon as she set eyes on me after work today. She did seem to cheer up when I told her I got her some great bargains from our Guildford sale to wear next Autumn but that might have been less the content of what I was saying and more the fact I was singing it to her and flying her around the room.

Lauren had a lovely trip this week to visit our newly refurbished Kings Road store. Here she is, pictured with our fantastic store manager Tricia, who has worked at Trotters for 8 years. The shop has had a major facelift and it looks incredible. We’ve moved the departments around and our beautiful aquarium is now much more prominent. We have new fixtures and fittings, new window displays and even a new floor. The old one having lasted 21 years really didn’t do too badly though! If you’ve been in, do let us know what you think. We love to hear your comments.


On a whole different subject, spotted an interesting article this week on BBC News online about David Cameron’s children having headlice.  I do always tell customers who seem embarassed about buying Nitty Gritty products (the comb is really, really popular) that noone is immune and I think this proves it. Nearly  all children get them at some stage –  not that that means I won’t be equally appalled as everyone else when Lauren (inevitably) gets them for the first time. At least I know she’s in good company though!