Lauren is such a lucky little girl. This week she met Tinkerbelle AND Cinderella who came to Trotters in Turnham Green. Here she is with Tinkers getting a lesson in casting magic fairy spells! She also got a balloon poodle to take home which she absolutely loved, although she did keep trying to eat it.

All the children who came in to visit were treated to balloons, face painting and storytelling and it really was lovely. We are expecting further fairy visits in all our stores, so do check the blog which has all the info on dates and times.

I’m very late in writing the blog this week. As my deadline has approached, my inspiration for a good topic has continued to fail. There has also been a bit of procrastination this evening and as a result I am writing this in bed whilst doing the 11pm ‘dream feed’. Isn’t it amazing how well motherhood trains you in doing all sorts of things with one hand? Typing, texting, making lunch are now all a doddle whilst holding or feeding a baby. It also becomes increasingly clear why women have evolved to be better multi-taskers than men. By the time I’ve finished the first feed of the day, I’ve usually managed to write a couple of work emails, planned the day’s meals including doing relevant shopping list and put the laundry on. I’ll have dressed Lauren, showered, dressed and had breakfast, all in time for an early walk around 9am to coincide with her nap. In contrast, on the weekend, Lauren’s Daddy will have achieved little more by this time, than turning that annoying snooze alarm off so he can relax properly in bed. Still, as he points out I am ‘off’ most of the week whereas he’s at work. Only fair then!