I always knew that going back to work early would have some negatives as well as all the positives. The biggest downside is that trying to do my old job in only a fraction of the time is frustrating because I can’t do everything I would like to. So today, I decided I could catch up a little by doing a few additional hours in Turnham Green. This of course involved taking Lauren in with me. She’s actually following in my footsteps. My Mum never tires of telling me how as a baby, I was taken to her shop every day and put in a Moses basket on top of the radiator behind the till. It never did me any harm (until the day I fell off that is, but excluding that minor incident, it was fine). In fact, I think the early start in a shop was good experience for my career. As you can see though, Lauren doesn’t have the energy and enthusiasm we usually look for in new members of staff for Trotters and I’m not sure she’ll be taken on after her trial day. Even when she was awake, all she did was lie around and watch me do all the work. I am a bit worried she’s not really a team player.


All work and no play makes for a dull day, so Lauren and I have also been trying out some of the local mum and baby groups. There’s all sorts on offer: music, baby signing, Bollywood dancing for mums and babies (not tried that yet but sounds intriguing), the list goes on and on. I’m sure it’s not just me whose main reason for going to these classes is to get out the house for a change of scene and meet other mums. I realise the objective should be to stimulate your baby but truly, Lauren would be just as happy at home under her play gym, with me making raspberry sounds at her. She’s a girl with simple needs. Having local friends with young babies is the only thing that gets me through some days. I think ‘baby friends’ bond quickly because you share the highs and the lows and obsess together about every aspect of babydom…… sleeping through the night, weight gain in ounces, the signs of teething, and of course the ever popular question of the colour and frequency of your baby’s poo. And we can talk on these subjects for literally hours. Honestly, forget the fact the Middle East is in meltdown, or there’s an economic crisis. Who cares? One baby’s first tooth has broken through and another made its first consonant sound. Now that’s what I call newsworthy!!