We loved the Queen’s Jubilee! Having put up the very awkward bunting in the windows of all our London stores, rather than getting in the spirit, I was thoroughly OVER it before it had even begun. I soon changed my mind. It was so exciting!!!

I coached Lauren for a week or so beforehand to be able to shout “Queen’s Jubilee” when required, with which she obliged me, much to my amusement and that of fellow boat watchers.

On the Saturday we attended the ‘Mid-Chiswick Society (very exclusive membership requirements) rose garden jubilee party, which we dressed appropriately for. Lauren wore red, white and blue and also the special ‘queen’s brooch’ she made at the arts and craft tent when she saw the Queen in Richmond Park a few weeks ago. Lauren just thinks the queen goes around the place all the time. What’s the fuss about?!

The party was lots of fun and everyone spent a lot of time talking about how great Chiswick is. Surely we’re so lucky to live in……. is the standard topic of conversation at such events. Anyway, Lauren was a bit spaced out throughout and not at all in the party mood, so I forced her to enter the ‘waiters race’, where participants hold a tray with a drink on and run with it, without spilling anything. All the other children were at least four years old, but nevertheless, I gave her a tray and an empty cup and she ran when the lady said go. She came last by a good three quarters of the 10 meter track. But she learnt a valuable life lesson: mummy is going to constantly make me do things I don’t want to do sheerly for her own entertainment, however much I don’t want to. Shame!

On Sunday we walked down to Hammersmith to have a look at the mustering boats. It was genuinly exciting and there was a great atmosphere. Again, Lauren dressed appropriately – a raincoat. I think everyone in that area felt like they were beating the system a bit – no crowds, avoid the rain. Didn’t see any big boats or any royals but that’s what BBC Iplayer’s for, or television I suppose, for normal people who have one. Yes, Lauren is a deprived child. Don’t worry, she still knows Peppa, Charlie and Lola and Night Garden – not entirely surprising.

Once coming home unexpectedly from work because I forgot my purse, I found said child under supervision of Granny glued to IgglePiggle losing his blanket. TV on demand has a whole new meaning once she realised Night Garden’s available anytime on the ‘pooter’.

The highlight of the weekend though was definitely the concert, which was great, even if some of the old favourites have lost a few top notes as the years have taken their toll. Lauren watched a bit of it. She was utterly bemused by Will.i.am., thus surely reflecting the mood of the nation. A singer who literally can’t sing. Incredible. Anyway, Jessie J had the opposite effect; Lauren stood as close to the computer as possible dancing and ‘singing’ (well, she was more in tune than Will.i.am). Isn’t it so sweet when toddlers dance?

All in all a great weekend and one which I am sure everyone will remember for years to come. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. Now it’s time to start getting excited about the Olympics. Go team GB!!!!!