Ideally, getting Lauren’s first pair of shoes and her first hair cut would have (for blog purposes) happened on different occasions. After all, both are major rites of passage and are fully deserving of a blog in their own right. However it was not meant to be. Last week I took Lauren to Kensington Trotters to get her some pre-walkers. One of our hairdressers, Silbene, wanted to cuddle Lauren and then, as hairdresers do, started looking at her hair and asked me if she could cut it. I said NO!!! I am NOT prepared. I need to be prepared for this. This is a big deal. There was however a really knotty/dry bit at the back, so we agreed she could just snip that bit off – that wouldn’t count as a haircut.

Of course, I might have known, Lauren loved it. The fish tank was obviously amazing and someone fussing around her hair was nice. At this point I was still holding her but Silbene is brlliant with babies and Lauren was having great fun, so I sat her in the chair to see how she’d like it. Well, she is clearly born to be pampered. She sat there reading her book, chatting to the fish, very, very happy. Loved the hairdryer, everything. I think she was disappointed when it was finished.

She was presented with a first haircut certificate, with a lock of blonde (fading fast to mousey) hair and of course her own Dunwoody chocolate coin (ooooooooooooh she said).

So then on to shoes. And again, what? Someone else new to make a fuss of me? Amazing! Getting her feet measured by Maria seemed to really absorb her. I think most children love the measuring bit. We play ‘shoe shops’ at home anyway (best to start her young) so she’s used to trying on shoes but these ones were all her size rather than mummy’s. Much better!

We ended up with some nice red prewalkers which she has been merrily stomping around in ever since.

I can honestly say it was a lovely shopping experience as a Mummy. It seems weird but it’s an oddly proud moment getting first shoes and haircut – that doesn’t make sense but I suppose it’s just a ‘my baby’s all grown up’moment. Sweet.