At last! Lauren has started pulling some weight around the house and getting involved in some chores. She is heavily into sweeping with a dustpan and brush and constantly pulls me up on my housekeeping weaknesses by picking up little, tiny flecks off the floor and giving them to me. Other favoured ‘helping’ activities are pulling all the laundry off the clothes horse, wiping the table with a tissue after meals (that one is genuinly quite useful) and chasing Henry hoover around the floor as I vacuum.

I am feeling more and more superfluous to requirements, as she eats breakfast all by herself, brushes her own teeth and much prefers going out with her walker than in the pram, which she only really tolerates if she wants a nap. She’s quite the girl about town now and rushes around without a backward glance. She really couldn’t care less whether I am near or not. It’s lucky I am thick skinned because otherwise it could be quite upsetting. Here she is in Westfield doing a bit of window shopping and making the most of the lovely shiny, smooth floors! She also enjoys a stroll along Chiswick High Rd so she can wave to everyone. Life really is fun when you’re one!

We went on a lovely day out to the Museum of CHildhood in Bethnal Green and Lauren’s best friend Cleo came too. It was great fun. Definitely one to visit if you haven’t been and it’s free to get in! The babies had a brilliant time and so did the mummies. We especially enjoyed forcing them, against their will, to dress up as policewomen. It was so cute! They were not impressed at all. Hi-Vis just isn’t their colour it would seem.

Of course, the day couldn’t go totally to plan.

Even though I know Lauren has an egg allergy, I let her eat a brownie with egg in it. Why? I just thought, well, they’re cooked eggs and she’s probably hardened up to eggs by now, afterall it’s a couple of weeks since the last reaction. It’ll be fine. Also, I don’t want her to have an egg allregy as it’s highly inconvenient, so surely if I act as though it doesn’t exist, then it won’t. No. That was an incorrect assumption. This time, she came up in hives all over her body including her little face and her ears swelled up to big puffy red things. She was itchy all over and kept writhing around in her buggy. I was also slightly panicking because it came on so fast, so called NHS Direct on the bus so everyone around me could hear about my utter incompetance. They say, ‘are her airways blocked, are her lips swelling?’ – aargh, even more panic. Anyway, it was fine. After an hour or so the redness started to calm down and she cheered up. Then, horribly timed, we had to go for her injections, so you can imagine which mummy was feeling pretty guilty by the end of the day. She couldn’t even have all three because the MMR is egg-based!! Great.

Other than that, the main focus of the last few days has been learning animal noises. This is a fantastic activity! Now I see why there are so many animal books for young children. It is hilarious when they get one right. We’ve got quite a few sorted, snakes and bees and horses and dogs, etc etc and we’re working on donkeys but her absolute favourite by far is mooing, She moos morning noon and night. Really loudly. On the high street there is a big plastic cow outside the cafe which she stops and moos at, a lot. This does attract quite a lot of attention, which she loves and we get into a terrible cycle of ever-increasing moo volume. Perhaps this week we’ll work on what noise earthworms and sloths make!