People keep asking me if Lauren is looking forward to Christmas. How should I know? On the one hand, she is showing a lot of enthusiasm for her advent calender and has obviously opened too many doors too early but I am not sure that definitely means she can’t wait for the 25th. She has also developed a huge liking for mince pies. Ha! I look back at the old me, the sugarfree mum and I laugh in her face. At her Daddy’s work party she had a bowl of whipped cream with chocolate suace on it for goodness sake. (There was some disapproval from other mothers; rightly, to be fair.)

On the other hand though she remains wholly indifferent to the Christmas tree, the decorations, or in learning how to say ho ho ho. Her Granny though has taught her what Ebenezer Scrooge says (whisper sheep under breath). BAAAAA!!!! That makes her look incredibly well read in Chiswick baby book club I can tell you.

Anyway, I can ask her whether she’s looking forward to Christmas since, although it’s 10:15pm, she is sitting on my knee right now, doing her best to help me write my blog. I do not know why she is still up, although she and her nanny did make gingerbread stars today and Lauren did sample quite a few apparently, so it could be that. Alternatively, it might be because she knew I was really looking forward to a relaxing evening of doing nothing because all the Christmas shopping and sorting is done and finally I could just sit. No, no, no mummy. That’s not what mummys do! I’ve let her cry it out about 8 times, relented, brought her down, given in to her wanting some of my halloumi salad, let her play, taken her back up, let her cry again for ages, thought it must be teething, so given her medicine and soothing gum gel, brought her down again and now just given up and let her sit on my knee until she falls asleep. Did I mention I’ve stopped reading the parenting books. Does it show at all?!

Now really, I am going to put her in her cot for good. Night night everyone and have a very merry Christmas.