I know I’m very late but Happy New Year everyone!

We spent our New Year away in the country. The drive down was all going to plan. I got home from work, then with military efficiency, we got Lauren fed, bathed, car packed and left on time. All this without even a voice being raised in irritation between Lauren’s Daddy and me. Seriously, it was incredible.

Lauren fell asleep. Perfect. 3 hours later, we’re nearly there and she wakes up and starts pointing at all the stars she can see out the car window because it’s actually dark in the countryside and you can see stars. Then there’s an almighty gushing noise and Lauren’s been the sickest she’s ever been all over herself . So we’re on a country road in Exmoor, it’s very dark, the wind is howling around us and we have a crying child covered in vomit. Let’s just say that voices at this point may have become a little raised.

We wiped her down as best we could. Lauren’s Daddy wanted to throw the sicky wipes and muslins out of the car and I refused; I didn’t want to be a litter bug! Of course, as a mother (we always get the ultimate say) and driver (I wouldn’t stop to throw them out), I won. Vomit is of course quite a penetrating fragrance which we all had to endure for the remaining miles. It was something of a pyrrhic victory.

Anyway, we arrived eventually and once in clean pyjamas, Lauren was utterly thrilled to be somewhere new. More importantly though, she was somewhere with a new audience with which to perform her animal noises. Especially delightful was the discovery that there was a person called Cat. Miaowing at Cat caused her and us much amusement.

Anyway, animal noises are so two weeks ago and now it’s all about words, especially rings, shoes, boots and DOWN if you dare to pick her up while she’s walking. It’s not all girly, girly though. She is also happy to discuss tractors and spiders (spy-DEE) if you should so desire.

It really is a wonderful thing watching your baby learn about the world and how to understand it. On Blue Monday, the third Monday of January, when the media tell us we’re all supposed to be utterly depressed because of cold, dark, debt, broken resolutions etc, I got Lauren out of her cot in the morning and she immediately started babbling and chuckling and I felt so happy, more sunshine yellow than blue.

And on a sunshiny note, our spring/summer collection is totally brilliant this year. The Liberty print rompers for baby girls are SO pretty and my favourites so far but there’s still lots more to come in. Very exciting!!!!!