Wow, I am very popular at the moment; my little girl has become my little Klingon. It seems I must be the most amazing mother because she simply can’t bear to be parted from me. If I should think for a second about leaving a room with her in it, she makes her disquiet felt by repeating “Mummy, mummy, mummy” in the most sorrowful voice she can conjure up, which becomes gradually distorted by little sobs.

Yesterday when I left for work I am told she stood at the front door, arms outstretched, doing the same routine. Now whilst in many ways I find this sort of adoration quite flattering and it clearly shows who is the better parent (he tried his best bless him) it can also be a teeny weeny mite irritating.

She’s also randomly decided that two of her stuffed pals are her absolute best friends. Having never previously shown any attachment to a cuddly toy, monkey, dolly and Lauren are now virtually inseparable. Not only must the pair of them be in full view at all times, but monkey must be in his dress (I always thought of him as a boy but Lauren clearly disagrees) otherwise we get “Dress, dress” in the whinge voice.

So now, I can completely empathise with all those mums in Trotters who buy four identical Jellycat toys because that particular lion/doggy/bear is their child’s favourite and the risk of losing the toy is simply too great for all concerned. The old, non-parent, rather judgemental me may have thought these mothers somewhat over-anxious or over-indulgent. Not anymore! I am with you! And also, just a warning but I’ve seen it happen lots of times where a mum comes to buy a replacement toy and it’s discontinued. They don’t make them forever you know. Buy now!

If you never need to use a replacement toy, take a top tip from one of our design team at Trotters. She has a daughter who was 18 this year and saved the spare version of, in this case, the Little Princess and presented it to her on her 18th birthday. There were apparently a lot of tears! Ahhhhhh.

Well, having said all this, I am not overly worried about the clinginess. There are other signs that Lauren will grow up to be the independent, strong woman I hope she will be. See below……..needless to say this was a trip with her nanny (you wouldn’t have got me anywhere near that thing. I’d have been crying for my mummy if that was round my neck!!!)