We’ve been so busy at Trotters this week with everyone stocking up on summer clothes, shoes and suncream. I joined the rush earlier and took Lauren to Turnham Green store to buy her a sunhat and some canvas shoes.

The shoes were easy. Plain white canvas, simple and effective. Lauren proclaimed them “nice” and they were bought.
The hat was a whole different story.

Something I’ve heard a lot at work this week:

“He just won’t wear a hat!”

I think some parents, maybe those who don’t work in a children’s store and see this every day, think their child is especially difficult in this regard. No, let me reassure you. They’re nearly all the same!

I think most of us battled through winter trying to persuade, cajole or brainwash our children in to wearing a fleecy, warm hat. By end of February, many had succumbed. So, now surely hat wearing is accepted? NO. Summer hats are totally different from winter hats and the process beginneth again.

This was my second attempt at buying a hat. Last week when we went in, I tried about 6 on and every one she pulled off her head and shouted “BABIES!”

Today she just pulled them off her head and got sillier and sillier as I chased her round the shop trying to get a photo of her for this blog.

As you can see I gave up. Here she is sans hat, trying on her shoes and I think telling bunny where the shoe department is so she can get some nice shoes too.

So, I have had to resort to last year’s headwear which for some reason, she will accept for at least 5 minutes before removing. How sweet are the shoes? I thoroughly recommend them. Easy to wear, lightweight and you can stick them in the washing machine.

Don’t despair though. It seems sunglasses are very acceptable. It’s clearly because mummies all wear them and therefore they’re grown up. She loves hers and I have taught her to say “peace man” when she puts them on and do a peace v sign. We’ve certainly amused some passersby this week with that one!