I looked on with envy. We had just boarded a train to Bath. Lauren, Lauren’s Daddy and me. We had successfully boarded, collapsed the buggy, squashed it into a heaving luggage rack to the tuts of people around us, hauled the changing bag and other necessities with us and stuffed them overhead. We had found our thankfully prebooked seats, which were obviously not table
seats, front facing or near a luggage rack as requested and sat down with Lauren on my knee. So having got my breath back I glanced around and saw a man, a single passenger, easing in to his chair having got settled with his Ipad, his coffee and his panini (or panino as it should actually be called. It’s no wonder the British are useless at languages). I just looked at him and thought,that is bliss. An hour and half of pure ‘you’ time. Quiet, relaxing, nice view, tasty snack. Oh it made me nostalgic for the good old days of train travels, that is the ones pre Oct 2010.

However, I shouldn’t moan. It could have been a lot worse. Lauren was pretty well behaved, even if I did have to pick up the crayons a helpful guard gave us about 300 times and even if my hair was a bit bananay by our destination. Plus that man didn’t get to sing songs to a small child who then walked round the streets of Bath singing ‘It’s not about the money, money, money’ at the top of her voice. It was pretty in tune although the enunciation definitely needed some work.

So we spent a lovely day with our friends and their new baby in Bath and all was well. At the hotel in the evening, we decided to do Lauren’s usual bedtime routine and then put her in her buggy and walk around to get her to sleep, then go out for dinner somewhere accommodating. Nice idea in principle. 7:30pm, set off, Lauren looking sleepy. 9pm, still walking around Bath.

Lauren hyper, chatting about lights and cars and policemen and tunnels. I am also carrying her and have been for about 20 mins. She’s pretty heavy now. 9:15pm back in hotel room. Lauren refusing to sleep in cot. 9:30 Lauren asleep on our bed, lying on top of me. 9:45 having debated going to get takeaway and realising neither of us had any will left to do it, sat in the dark, watching a TV quiz show on silent, eating the only food we had. Rice cakes and petit filous. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Back in London, we had a christening to attend. No worries for me about what Lauren would wear. She was in a lovely dress and cardi from our Confiture collection and of course her little Startrite shoes. Head to toe in Trotters. Perfectly pretty and didn’t she know it. Here she is modelling her outfit from all angles.