December has hit and the Christmas joy/madness, whatever you want to call it, is spreading. The stores are getting busier, the displays brighter and there is an air of je ne sais quoi that puts everyone in a good mood (at least for a little while). We, at Trotters HQ, are in the mood for decorating!

The ones we’re about to show are incredibly simple and make the house smell wonderful. Be warned though that they will only last around two to three weeks.

Orange & Clove Candle Holders

Items you’ll need:

A bag of oranges
A bundle of cloves
A knife (keep this away from children)
A set of tealight candles
A marker pen

1. Place your tealight candle on top of the orange and draw around it using your marker pen to know where you are going to cut.
2. Cut about an inch or two into the orange, then following the line you drew to cut out a circle. You want to go deep enough to be able to place the entire tealight candle inside.
3. Once you have removed this section the fun can begin! Take your cloves and start decorating the orange whichever way you like. Be careful as sometimes the cloves can be rather sharp.

If you are uncomfortable using sharp knives than feel free to just decorate using the cloves instead, the patterns you can create are just as exciting!

Here are some of the ones we came up with in the office!

If you make any you are particularly proud of, we’d love to see them 🙂