Many of us put a lot of time and effort into dressing our daughters beautifully – and why not, they deserve it!


With autumn upon us, my thoughts have gone to putting together the perfect classic autumn wardrobes for my girls.


I love autumn colours & fabrics and that lovely warm feeling I get as we move away from the pastel shades of the summer and into the deep shades and luxurious fabrics of the autumn.  The lovely autumn colours & fabrics matched with classic children’s styles, girls and boys this season will be making a real statement.


So what’s hot this season in classic girls clothing??


With the drop in temperature that autumn brings, we typically move away from dresses and towards trousers & jeans or thick lined skirts. Whilst trousers and jean are a wardrobe essential, my personal favourite this season is the French cut pleated skirt over thick tights. Just look at this adorable autumn 2010 classic girls outfit and see if you don’t agree.


Girls Autumn Clothes 2010


This outfit combines a stylish French cut pleated skirt, thick brown ribbed tights, classic brown buckle shoes and a long sleeve top featuring beautiful velvet bow detail to match that of the skirt. It’s definitely one for the wardrobe this season in my opinion!


That’s not to say there’s not also going to be the need for more robust trouser based outfits for young girls this season, so I certainly couldn’t leave that option out all together.


As an alternative outfit, I’ve put together a beautiful classic jeans outfit.


kids clothes


This outfit combines a frilled neck top adding some lovely detail and elegance around the neck line, stylish classic jeans and a beautifully hand knitted cardigan with crocheted detailing and embroidered roses giving stylish detail to this classis everyday girls look.


If you’ve got any favourites this season, we’d love to hear your views.