Shock! Horror! Halloween is just around the corner. If the pumpkins jumping out at you at the supermarket and the confectionary aisle being haunted by ghosts hasn’t given the game away, it will soon enough. Whether you’re planning a spooky party or fancy making your sweets a little more homemade for the trick-and-treaters, we asked the creative team at toucanBox to come up with a couple of creepy crafts that are easy to do at home with your little monsters. Plus, find out how you can get your claws on a special edition Halloween toucanBox for free.

Meet the Mummy Votive

Turn down the lights and watch the mummy glow. Perfect for party lighting or brightening the way to your door for trick-or-treaters. Start collecting empty jars now, because you’ll be sure to want to make more than one. You can either raid the medical cupboard for gauze, or use layers of tissue paper to achieve the bandaged mummy effect.

You will need:

 An empty clean jar (jam jars work perfectly)

Gauze or tissue paper

PVA glue

Sticky back eyes

Glow stick, mini torch or LED candle

A paintbrush



What to do:

1 – Add a few drops of water to your glue to make it a little thinner. With a paintbrush, paint glue onto the the outside of your jar.

2 – Cut the gauze or tissue paper into long, thin strips. One by one, wrap the strips around the outside of the jar. After each one, paint more glue over the top of it.

3 – Add extra layers to make your mummy look really bandage-y! Keep adding glue to make sure the bandages are completely stuck down. Leave it to dry for a few hours.

4 – Stick eyes onto the jar. You could add a few other creepy details. How about a gaping mouth, or some spiders crawling out of the gaps in the bandage? Make your mummy as cute or scary as you want!

5 – Light it up! Drop a glow stick, torch or candle into the jar. Switch off the lights and watch your mummy glow!


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