It’s that spooky time of year again…the leaves have turned various shades of yellow, orange and red, the wind is howling, and Halloween is upon us. The only thing missing? A pumpkin!


Fear not…Trotters is here to help! We have a useful guide with some great tips and hints for the perfect pumpkin this Halloween.

For the best tools we recommend Waitrose Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit. Having the right tools makes it all that much easier! Do be careful though, as this kit is not a toy and should only be used under adult supervision.

Here is how to make the perfect jack-o’-lantern in a few simple steps:

1. How can you make a good jack-o’-lantern without the perfect pumpkin? The first step is easy – pick a decently sized, rounded pumpkin from your local market or nearest supermarket.

2. Remove the top of the pumpkin using the keyhole saw. Make sure you cut the lid wide enough to allow space to hollow it out!

3. Hollow out the pumpkin using the scoop provided in the Pumpkin Carving Kit (if you didn’t opt to buy that, then we recommend using an ice-cream scoop).  Ideally, you want the walls to be an inch or so thick to make the carving as easy as possible. Don’t forget to keep the left over pumpkin to make a delicious pumpkin pie.

4. Decide what you’d like your jack-o’-lantern to look like. Use a marker pen to draw your design directly on to the pumpkin. This will give you some guidelines to follow. Or if you’re using one the Waitrose spooky templates, then they provide the ideal tool. Pin the template to the pumpkin, and using the spiked wheel, trace around the template, transferring the perfect spooking design from the template on to the pumpkin.

5. Here’s the fun part…you can now play a game of “join-the-dots”. Using the small saw, cut between the dots that were created by the spiked wheel.

6. Rub a little diluted lemon juice on the exposed parts of the pumpkin. This will stop it turning brown.

7. Pop a tea light in the pumpkin and, jack-o’-lantern, you have the perfectly carved pumpkin!

Happy carving!