For over 10 years Trotters have been incorporating Liberty’s range of beautiful, high-quality floral print fabrics into our clothing collections and we are happy to say that we now stock a range of teddy bears to match!

We would like to introduce you to the ultimate fashion companion…

Danjo & Felicite Liberty Print Bears

Size and Care: Standing height: 51cm, Sitting height: 36cm
Spot clean with soapy water with a flannel or small towel.

Made by Grin&Bear London, these traditional teddies are individually handmade and loving handcrafted in our favourite Liberty print fabrics to give the humble teddy a contemporary twist. A family business run by a mum, dad and daughter team, Grin&Bear London have been making bears for nearly 40 years.

Designed and handmade in Kent, UK you can tell that a great deal of love and attention goes into the making of each bear and no two are ever exactly the same.

From Paddington to Winnie the Pooh, bears have gained a global reputation as symbols of love and playfulness, engrained in us from birth and Grin&Bear are looking to preserve this legacy with their range of beautiful teddy bears.

We strive to recreate these more romantic times when making bears was about tender loving care.’

Incorporating two of our favourite prints from our S/S18 range, Liberty’s blue Danjo print fabric has a pretty floral pattern in a blue and turquoise colourway while the Felicite print depicts a delicate rose trail in hues of pink and blue. These one-of-a-kind bears will make a great addition to your playroom, nursery or collection are sure to be a family favourite, cherished for generations to come.