We Brits excel at a variety of things … queuing, tea-drinking, Olympic rowing … but watching the rain fall has got be one of our top skills. How often do we find ourselves cosy inside, enjoying of our famous British weather? In fact, at this very moment, the wind is howling outside Trotters HQ!

There’s only so much jumping in puddles and kicking through leaves you can do, so what can you do inside while you’re waiting for the weather to brighten up (apart from DVD-marathons and big fat books)? Trotters has a great selections of puzzles and toys to keep everybody busy until the sun comes out …


Nothing beats a jigsaw! Our Cinderella and Barbarossa jigsaws are wonderfully detailed, exciting and challenging puzzles that your little princesses and pirates will love completing over and over again.

Arts and Crafts!

Making Paper Boats and Micro Flyers are fantastic origami kits for skilled and busy fingers – the boats are even water-resistant! If you want to get a bit more messy, you can’t go wrong with Light Clay Pots and good old-fashioned Felt Tip Pens.

We hope that’s given you a few ideas for the coming days, and don’t forget the Trotters Christmas shop is open! You don’t even have to leave the house to pick up a few of our stocking-fillers …