Kipu means Happy in Nepalese

In October 2010, Trotters entered into partnership with a young charity, called The CAIRN Trust (Child Aid In Rural Nepal). Together we have structured an exciting campaign with the aim of raising enough money to build our first Trotters school to educate children in rural Nepal by April 2012.

With both our organisations sharing similar values we plan to forge a long-term relationship and work in unison to dramatically improve and develop educational facilities in a rural community.  Over time, we hope to build a number of Trotters schools enabling a better future and quality of life for these poor but enthusiastic children.

A bit about Nepal:

–          Poorest country in South East Asia

–          Population of 29 million people

–          84% live in rural Nepal (23 million)

–          Over 60% live on less then 50p a day

–          Literacy rates are as low as 11% in some villages

–          Children have to walk long distances to get to school

–          Traditionally, girls have less access to an education

–          Children have to work as a source of income

The site for the first Trotters school is to be in Hille Taksar, Western Nepal. The foundation stones have already been laid during a trek that took place in April 2011. Trotters has donated a seed fund to launch the project and further fund raising is already underway.

We have developed a very special limited edition Jellycat elephant (called Kipu, meaning ‘happy’ in Nepalese). Kipu is currently in production and will be sold in all five Trotters stores from mid-July 2011, with the proceeds going towards building and supplying this first Trotters school.

A ‘one-off’, never to be repeated, 21” tall giant Kipu was also produced and was auctioned at The CAIRN Trust Casino Night at Thomas’s Fulham School just last week.  He raised a stunning £350 – this is enough to educate seven children for one year in Nepal and will go along way to helping our cause.

The funds raised will enable CAIRN to demolish the existing, derelict school building, which is currently in daily use, and replace it with four newly equipped class rooms and a fully functional library.

During monsoon season the rain sweeps off the mountains and floods the school.  The village’s children are desperate to gain an education and despite these harsh conditions they still continue to attend school.  This local hunger for knowledge is a real incentive for raising money for the school.  The rebuild and supply of just this one school will improve the educational opportunities for over 250 children.

Once the school is built, Trotters will produce another limited edition sibling for Kipu. This will form part of the fundraising efforts for the next Trotters school in Nepal.

Trotters has already raised £6,039.95 which is more than half the funds required for our £10,000 target to complete the first school. Please keep an eye out on the Trotters blog for more information on Kipu, Kipu’s siblings, the Trotters School and fundraising events.

To make a donation to the Trotters School project, please visit our Just Giving account

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Wish us luck!

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