Hi my name is Kipu.

Over the Easter holidays I had a great adventure.

I was lucky enough to be able to join a few children from Thomas’s London Day Schools on their recent trek to Nepal. Nepal is where I come from so I was really excited about my first visit home. Plus I had been told that I would also be able to see some of the great work that the CAIRN Trust charity is doing.

Our adventure started when the big trek group of 23 people, including three families with seven lovely children (Scarlet, Calypso, Harry, Jack, Zac, Ria and Martha) all met up at Heathrow Airport. There were lots of teachers too from Thomas’s London Day schools so I had to be on my best behaviour.
I quickly made friends with all the children especially the youngest Martha, who was only 4 years old. We all sat together on the flight and I got to control my own headsets and to listen to some great music. I loved flying.

We landed in hot and noisy Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal and after a night stay headed out to the countryside to start our long awaited trek. We walked for eight days and slept for seven nights in tents out in the Himalayan countryside. I had figured early on that if Martha could trek across the hills of Nepal, the smartest thing would be to get a piggy back from her!
We had a lot of bags between us but luckily a very strong team of porters carried our bags for us. We all had a go of trying to carry some of the dhokas (the Nepalese baskets that the porters were carrying our bags in) and quickly realised that we couldn’t do it and just how strong the porters must be.

It was so amazing waking up to a view of some of the biggest mountains in the world. They looked very cold but I decided that maybe when I am older I will try and climb one of them!

On the trek, I saw lots of amazing things like the schools that have been built by CAIRN. I also got to meet some of the children in their newly opened nursery school. The nursery rooms were lovely & brightly coloured – I can see why they are so pleased to be going to such a fun school. The children were very excited to receive the postcards written by some of the pupils from Thomas’s Fulham. They loved seeing all the different pictures on the front especially when we explained what they all were.

The charity also let me and the other children give out lots of school bags to some of the poorest children in each village. The bags were jam packed with all the school supplies that the Nepalese children needed to go to school for the next six months. I was so surprised by how excited they were to get all their bag of supplies, especially their colouring pencils and uniforms. They loved taking a peek inside their bags to see what was inside.

The best bit of the trek was seeing the location where the new Trotters school was going to be built! It was very exciting but sad at the same time. I couldn’t believe that the children actually went to school in such terrible classrooms. One of my friends, Shilpa told me that during the monsoon season, they would all be having their lessons in puddles of rain.
I was really proud to tell Shilpa that Trotters and The CAIRN Trust have agreed to help rebuild her school and trying our best to raise enough money to do this. She was so excited. I can’t wait to come back out to Nepal in April with the Trotters team to see the finished school. Hopefully Shilpa and her friends will be so pleased with their new school.


After the trek, we started another adventure as we went white water rafting down the Sethi River. Five rafts set off for two days of rafting and boy was that fun. I had to hold on really tight as we went over rapids. It got really exciting, when as we were approaching our night camp, our guide told us to row really quickly as there was a huge storm brewing.

We paddled so fast and luckily, as we got to our lodge, the biggest winds swept across the river, the heavens opened and we had the longest and heaviest rains. I guess this is what they call the start of the monsoon season? Luckily the storm passed during the night and the next morning we made our way towards our last adventure at Tiger Tops.

As we arrived at Tiger Tops in the safari area of Chitwan, we heard the trumpeting sounds of elephants. I was home! We got to ride on the elephants as we went in search of wild animals. Try as we might, we just could not track down any tigers but we did get chased by two angry rhinos, which was really scary. Kipu on an elephant Luckily our mahout (the man who rides our elephant) was smart enough to move our elephant out of the way). My favourite bit of the safari though was washing the baby elephant – I loved splashing them to cool them down and playing in the water. We also had an elephant polo match and I played with Martha’s family and had so much fun. It was much harder then it looked but we managed to score a few goals.

From Tiger Tops, we headed back to Kathmandu, ready for our journey home back to London.

This probably has to go down as one of my favourite adventures. I can’t wait to go back in April.

Kipu will be writing again with stories and pictures as the school continues to be built.

Kipu will be on sale in all Trotters store from end of July with a percentage of the profits of Kipu sales going towards building the Trotters school.