Summer holidays are nearly upon us, so what better way to start preparing than with some summer outfit inspiration? Whether you’re planning a city break, a trip to the seaside or perhaps a rural getaway, we’ve got you covered. Each week we’ll be looking at a different holiday destination, and sharing some of our favourite Trotters outfits from the Spring/Summer collection.

Little Adventurers:

Urban Escape

Dreaming of New York? Hoping to visit Paris or Rome?  We have come up with some gorgeous outfits to suit any urban adventure.

LITTLE LADY LIBERTY — At the centre of this outfit is the Betsy Dress, one of our favourite pieces. The bright Liberty pattern reminds us of cheerful summer days and picnics in the park. Made from the highest quality Tana Lawn fine cotton, it’s a stylish and comfortable choice for any city break. The Nantucket Canvas Shoes by Hampton Classics are 100% cotton and (thankfully) machine washable.
Little Lady Liberty
Items featured in this outfit:
1. Red Beatrice Cardigan  was £40.00  now £32.00
2. Red Mini Bow Clip
3. Liberty Betsy Dress
4. White Nantucket Canvas Shoes

CRISP & CASUAL — A lively red polo paired with more neutral tones, this little ensemble manages to balance crisp and casual with aplomb. But really, we just think it looks quite cute. Like the Nantuckets, the Plum Canvas Shoes by Hampton Classics are 100% cotton and machine washable. After a long day of walking you can just pop them into the wash and they should come out squeaky clean.
 Crisp & Casual
Items featured in this outfit:
1. Red Harry Polo  was £21.00  now £16.00
2. Wayfarer Style Sunglasses
3. White Charlie Chinos
4. Grey Plum Canvas Shoe

NAVY BABY COOL Keeping things cool with a protective Flap Happy Sun Hat and a pair of baby Chuck Taylor low tops, we love bringing together navy and red pieces for a really eye-catching combination of colour.
Navy Baby Cool
Items featured in this outfit:
1. Navy Flap Happy Sun Hat
2. Baby Anna Top  was £30.00  now £20.00
3. Baby Navy Rosanna Leggings  was £15.00  now £10.00
4. Baby Chuck Taylor Low Tops

One last thing — if you do buy your son or daughter a new pair of shoes before your next holiday, do make sure that they have been fitted properly and are comfortable. Often an urban escape means plenty of trotting up and down famous streets or boulevards and nobody wants a blister.