As a lover of quality Children’s clothing, I’d like to appreciate some of my favourite childrens clothing brands and hear your views on brands you love, like or dislike and why – They haven’t got to be stocked by Trotters, but they can be if you like.


From my own experiences of dressing my own kids and buying for friends children, I’ve come across lots of great quality brands and also some shockers which I wouldn’t buy again.


I’m not going to dwell on f the ‘shockers’ as I don’t think it would be fair, but I will talk you through some of my favourites.


Dunwoody Clothing
Dunwoody children’s clothing is quality, strong, durable and dependable. I probably can’t go on about it enough as it’s one of my favourite brands in the world. The range is not massive, but it certainly makes up in quality for what it lacks in size. They have a good range of kids jackets and coats for boys and girls, lovely long sleeved t-shirts and corduroy trousers.


I’ve used them for a number of years and they last fantastically well; you can pass them down from generation to generation. Not only do they produce classic styles that never seem to go out of fashion, but the fabric is extremely robust. My youngest son is a bit of a monkey and has been known to wear trousers out before growing out of them on a number of occasions. dunwoody cord trousers He’s got a pair of Dunwoody Cord Trousers of which he is the third owner, having had them handed down from his older brother, who inherited them from a family friend. Now, let me tell you if these three boys can’t put a pair of trousers through their paces, I don’t know who can, but to my amazement they’re still in great condition. The knees are not worn down, the shape still remains and they look perfect again when I take them out of the washing machine. I’d happily pass them on again once my son grows out of them without being the slightest be worried that they were starting to look old or worn!


Chelsea Clothing Co.
The Chelsea Clothing Company offer a lovely varied range of kids clothing suitable for boys, girls and babies. Whether you’re looking for stylish dresses to dress your little girls in for parties, everyday baby grows, accessories including hats, socks and tights or everyday kids’ tops, Chelsea Clothing Co. have got it all. Similar to Dunwoody, The Chelsea Clothing Co.’s range is extremely durable and long lasting, it’s just a shame kids have to grow really!


In particular, I like their roll neck and high neck tops which they provide in boys, girls and unisex styles. I like them because I just think they look really smart and stylish. They’re also extremely comfortable for everyday wear as they’re mostly 100% cotton, so they breath well and keep kids comfortable and moisture free throughout the day.


dunwoody bear hatThey also do some absolutely adorable hats including their fleece balaclava with ears and their brown bear hat both of which come in three different sizes for babies from 5 months to 18 months. I love these hats just for the simple novelty value, they just look so cute and are great for keeping little ones warm in the winter months.






I’m going to leave it at that for now. I’ll probably add more at a later date. I’d love to hear your views.